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0078000119404 DR. PEPPER/SEVEN UP, INC. 20 oz Sunkist Fruit Punch soda
0052100011400 MCCORMICK COMPANY, INC. 1.5 oz Schilling Chili Powder
0078000124408 DR. PEPPER/SEVEN UP, INC. 20 oz Sunkist Pineapple soda
0078000115406 DR. PEPPER/SEVEN UP, INC. 20 oz Sunkist Lemonade
0052100113500 MCCORMICK COMPANY, INC. 1 oz Schilling Ground Cumin
0717544114505 SUPER STORE INDUSTRIES 8 oz Sunny Select Instant Coffee Crystals
0074470659488 SUPERIOR MARKETING SERVICES 2 lbs Vose Family Indian Red Gourmet Popcorn
0715001024039 DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE 24 oz - 1 1/2 lbs Honey
0078000116403 DR. PEPPER/SEVEN UP, INC. 20 oz Sunkist Grape
0000888883467 PUTNAM, INC. 35 lbs Behringer K450FX
0043000000304 KRAFT FOODS, INC. 0.85 oz General Foods International Coffee - Double Dutch Chocolate
0039800002259 EVEREADY BATTERY COMPANY INC. 50 ea 7 3/4 x 15/64 in Glad Straws
0072310000056 R. C. BIGELOW, INC. 1.125 oz Bigelow Cinnamon Stick Instant Tea
0041163580022 ALBERTSONS, INC. 6ea 1.22oz envelopes Albertson's Instant Breakfast - Milk Chocolate flavor
0041651040663 VENUS WAFERS INC. 1 oz - 28 g Venus All Purpose Wafers
0072255008957 VACU-DRY COMPANY 1/2 oz VACU-DRY Apple Snacks w/ Cinnamon, Vitamin C
0041719000059 BLACK MT SPRING WATER INC 16.9 fl oz - 0.5 liter Spring Water
0046677374693 PHILIPS LIGHTING COMPANY 2 bulbs 60 Watt Frost Incandescent Lamp
0044600169309 THE CLOROX COMPANY 30 Fl Oz Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner
0033069271128 CRANE COMPOSITES, INC. 26inch x 12ft. Sequentia Corrugated Polycarbonate exterior panel - white
0084691804970 GE APPLIANCES 48" flex gas line Dryer & Range flex gas line
0056775881627 Classical Treasures: Great Overtures Audio CD
0076160003441 METACOM INC Smooth Jazz Audio CD
0797552419489 LUMISISTEMAS, S.A. DE C.V. Motorola Lighting Lumi-Kon R240-120-CP Ballast
0093901609854 GORDON FOOD SERVICE 20 oz. bag Ripple Potato Chips

Contest Tip:

Avoid Scams

Be careful of offers that indicate that you've "qualified" to win a big prize, and all you have to do is go to their location for a free presentation. If the sponsor of a contest is unclear, be wary. NEVER pay for anything in order to win a contest (except lottery tickets I suppose). If the prize is that your photo or poem will get published in a book that you're required to buy, don't believe it and definitely don't buy it! If you do win a contest, you'll never be asked for credit information or your banking information. Any attempt to solicit this is a scam. Requests for contact information and possibly a skill testing question are valid.