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5000462078956 Tesco A5 ruled notebook 80 sheet
5000462150133 Pack 4 Tesco 5 amp fuse
5000462150539 Pack 4 Tesco 3 amp fuse
5000462256569 4 Sachets Tesco Healthy Living Carrot & Corriander Soup in a Mug
5000462458123 Tesco Value fork & trowel
5000462596641 Tesco 6 English Wholemeal Muffins
5000462822450 fizzy cola flavour laces
5000477895081 Olbas Oil 15ml
5001148066540 lemsip cough & cold
5010003000339 hovis wholemeal bread
5010003054226 Hovis 800g Soft White Thick Bread
5010003059016 400g Hovis bread "Seed Sensations" light & nutty
5010015123002 john smiths extra smooth
5010017054830 lager
5010017061494 tennents lager
5010017064525 stella artois 440ml cans 15 pack
5010017068028 becks vier
5010017081799 single can of boddingtons
5010017083151 stella
5010017083281 stella artois 500ml
5010017083304 Stella Artois - 500ml Can
5010017083311 stella artois
5010017083403 stella artois
5010023064403 premiam cooked ham
5010024113032 500g McDougalls plain flour

Contest Tip:

Avoid Scams

Be careful of offers that indicate that you've "qualified" to win a big prize, and all you have to do is go to their location for a free presentation. If the sponsor of a contest is unclear, be wary. NEVER pay for anything in order to win a contest (except lottery tickets I suppose). If the prize is that your photo or poem will get published in a book that you're required to buy, don't believe it and definitely don't buy it! If you do win a contest, you'll never be asked for credit information or your banking information. Any attempt to solicit this is a scam. Requests for contact information and possibly a skill testing question are valid.