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5000159397599 235g Twix Minis
5000159397711 235g Snickers Minis
5000159417648 230g Maltesers
5000159430227 58g Snickers Bar (39p)
5000167079630 60 capsules Boots Bone Health Calcium with Vitamins D & K
5000168075464 400g McVitie's Victoria Luxury Selection biscuits
5000168085555 5019348090401
5000168133638 Large Long black mars bar
5000168140179 Go ahead blackcurrent youget
5000168153711 180g McVities Shortbread Bites
5000174458336 crest revitalise energising mint toothpaste
5000174526707 500ml Olay moisturising bath foam dry skin
5000174541151 300 ml head and shoulders for men
5000174652116 180 Tablets Asacol 800mg mesalazine tablets
5000174790597 150 ml Pantene Pro-V Blonde Expressions Satin Polish Finishing Creme for Blonde Shades, 150 ml
5000174846959 100 ml / 124 g Blend-A-Med 3-Effect Mild Fresh
5000174990331 400 mL Head & Shoulders Anti-Dandruff Shampoo - Hydrating smooth & silky
5000175414324 500g Homepride Potato Bake Creamy Cheese & Ham
5000175414331 500g Homepride Potato Bake Garlic & Herb
5000175414409 108g Batchelors Cup a Soup (Creamy Carrot & Coriander)
5000177422914 250ml Carters Star Lemonade
5000177458098 2ltr So clear spring water
5000179234140 6ml KIWI Kids Quick ShineSponge (Black)
5000184592372 500g Napolina Spaghetti
5000185106677 750ml JEYES Kleen Off original thick bleach

Contest Tip:

Avoid Scams

Be careful of offers that indicate that you've "qualified" to win a big prize, and all you have to do is go to their location for a free presentation. If the sponsor of a contest is unclear, be wary. NEVER pay for anything in order to win a contest (except lottery tickets I suppose). If the prize is that your photo or poem will get published in a book that you're required to buy, don't believe it and definitely don't buy it! If you do win a contest, you'll never be asked for credit information or your banking information. Any attempt to solicit this is a scam. Requests for contact information and possibly a skill testing question are valid.