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0040293142162 TANDY ELECTRONICS 45-Watt Desoldering Iron
0040293142445 TANDY ELECTRONICS N/A 8-Pin Surface-Mount Modular Jack
0040293142629 TANDY ELECTRONICS RadioShack Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer
0040293142681 TANDY ELECTRONICS Optimus multimedia stereo headset
0040293142766 TANDY ELECTRONICS 2.5 0z rosin core solder .032 dia 60/40
0040293142834 TANDY ELECTRONICS 15 watt Soldering Iron
0040293142841 TANDY ELECTRONICS Dual-Heat Soldering Iron (30/15-watt)
0040293142858 TANDY ELECTRONICS 30 Watt Soldering Gun
0040293142933 TANDY ELECTRONICS Vacuum Desoldering Tool
0040293142988 TANDY ELECTRONICS 3 oz. Multi-Purpose Lube Gel
0040293143008 TANDY ELECTRONICS 12 ea. Radio Shack: Black Cusion Feet - self stick
0040293143039 TANDY ELECTRONICS 0.2 oz each 640-2166 Two Compressed Butane Cylinders
0040293143169 TANDY ELECTRONICS 48 Pages Engineer's Mini-Notebook: Magnet and Magnet Sensor Projects
0040293143176 TANDY ELECTRONICS Radio Shack dual lead-in grounding block, 15-920
0040293143336 TANDY ELECTRONICS 2 ct Alkaline Enercell - D
0040293143343 TANDY ELECTRONICS 2 ct Alkaline Enercell
0040293143350 TANDY ELECTRONICS 1 Pack Alkaline Enercell - 9 Volt
0040293143374 TANDY ELECTRONICS 2 ct Alkaline Enercell - AAAA
0040293143381 TANDY ELECTRONICS 8 ct D-Batteries (23-880)
0040293143398 TANDY ELECTRONICS 8 ct C size 1.5 volt Alkaline Batteries
0040293143404 TANDY ELECTRONICS 4 ct Alkaline Enercell - 9V
0040293143435 TANDY ELECTRONICS Radio Shack 3 Line Display 50-Memory Caller ID
0040293143695 TANDY ELECTRONICS Cassette Tape Deck Cleaner/Demagnetizer
0040293143732 TANDY ELECTRONICS Radio-Controlled Digital Clock 63-968

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